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Our primary service offering is racehorse pre-training. We are continually focused on how we improve and refine our pre-training program to provide our clients and their equine athlete with a winning experience. To do this efficiently we must have good systems and procedures, which we do, however we are flexible and adaptable to ensure each horse gets the right attention required to benefit from the program. We can also follow any specific directions given to us by the horses trainer. So to give you some insight into what we do, below is a typical example of what pre-training can involve at Aquagait: Body Weight: Firstly, all horses are weighed every morning as soon as they leave their box a

Water Walker Vibes

We have previously dispelled the myth that water walkers are best used for injured or sore horses, that is simply not true. So now let’s explore in more detail how we use our water walker at Aquagait. General Conditioning For horses in pre-training or having a freshen up the typical daily exercise routine in the water walker is for 30 minutes at a speed of ~3kph, water depth of 950mm and all 4 resistance pumps on. A daily exercise routine like this develops core muscle strength, muscle definition and improves cardiovascular fitness. A horses heart rate will normally sit between 70-100bpm throughout the exercise. Rushing This type of workout is higher intensity and is mainly used for horses t


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