More commonly referred to as a 'freshen up' cross training is about providing a different exercise routine to mentally or physically stimulate your horse. Once again we take a modern approach to this as we do not ride horses whatsoever.

Our cross training approach is not typical and we tailor it to each horse depending on what you want to achieve and the time frame we have to work within. A great place to start is with our Water Walker which enables your horse to maintain a good level of cardiovascular fitness while at the same time soothing joints and muscles through effective hydrotherapy principles. Horses generally love being in water once they are familiar with it, so with the hydrotherapy comes plenty of mental stimulation.

Nutrition is a key piece to everything we do and with our cross training programs we really focus on providing a diet that will have your horse in the desired condition when it returns. We prefer to use Hygain™ feed products however we can source any brand of feed you prefer and will follow strict diet instructions at your direction.

At all times we monitor the physical and mental condition of your horse so that we can tweak the little things to make sure we achieve the best result possible.

If you would like your horse to cross train with us simply call Scott on 0402 740 854.