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Our water walker has been designed and constructed with safety, performance and efficiency in mind. It possesses best in class functionality to deliver a variety of conditioning options. Our unique channel design prevents the horse from turning around in the water. The floor is cushioned with 60mm thick grooved rubber. For increased performance we have a 2 speed resistance control which can increase the resistance effect in the channel and completely remove any whirlpool from occurring.

What are the benefits to my horse?

  • Joint mobilisation

  • Stimulate blood flow

  • Strengthen muscles and build mass

  • Improve top-line condition

  • Improve balance

  • Cardiovascular fitness


Features include:

  • 10 horse capacity

  • variable water height up to 1m 

  • variable speed 

  • two speed reverse current (increases resistance effect) 

  • clockwise or anti-clockwise direction 

  • separate loading and unloading ramps

  • remote control operation


It is kept super clean through automatically controlled chlorine dosing and an advanced screening and sand filtration system.


Our walking machine combines practical design and quality construction to deliver a great exercise tool for horses. Once again the narrow channel design prevents the horse from turning around and is well protected with thick rubber throughout.

Walking is great for horses both physically and mentally. All horses at Aquagait walk pre and post their morning workout and again in the afternoon.
Features include

  • 10 horse capacity

  • safe design allowing for easy access 

  • variable speed

  • clockwise or anti-clockwise direction

  • narrow channel to prevent horses from turning around 

  • separate loading and unloading gates

  • significant rubber padding for increased safety


Designed and constructed by Bill Lindsay from Classic Treadmills, our brand new (March 2017) high speed, incline treadmill is fully equipped to provide alternate cardiovascular exercise to horses of all disciplines. Packed with features this state of the art piece of equipment fully compliments our pre-training and injury rehab programs.

Our treadmill allows us to exercise horses in a variety of different ways. From walking to trotting to cantering, with incline up to 7°, the impact of the workout can be vastly different. Most importantly your horse is exercised in a safe & controlled manner under the supervision of our experienced staff.

Features include:

  • 0-60kph variable speed via hydrostatic transmission

  • 0 - 7° incline via fingertip control

  • Extra wide belt to accomodate all horse types & sizes

  • Additional fans to aid ventilation

All horses using our treadmill are supervised by one of our experienced team members.


Set in the peaceful surrounds of the Menangle Park Training Centre, our 700m training track is ideal for pre-training.

With a generous all weather sand base, the track has great cushion and is suitable for:

  • Trot & canter work

  • Light gallop work (1/2 pace)

  • Mixed work under saddle (figure 8, pace work etc..)

We have access to a very capable and experienced group of riders.


We have two brand new stable barns, each with 24 spacious boxes. The 12 perimeter boxes in each barn also have an adjoining walk in / walk out sand yard.
All boxes are lined with Yokohama rubber to provide the safest and most comfortable environment. We have installed security cameras for further security and safety.

Each barn has its own set of Scintex Equine Scales and all horses are weighed daily. Weight is monitored closely and tracked via our database.

Designed and built by Stablecraft, our stables have excellent ventilation for the warmer summer months.


We have a large round yard along with a variety of grass day paddocks and sand day yards to allow horses to stretch their legs and be in a more natural environment. 


Our round yard is almost 50m in circumference and to ensure safety the entire internal walls of the yard are fully lined with 8mm think rubber 1400mm high from the ground. It is a great tool to use for lunging horses, riding under saddle or for them to have a good roll.

Our grass paddocks are electrified and fenced with post and 3 rail PVC safety fencing. Each paddock is maintained to a minimum standard to ensure they always have a good cover of grass.


Our sand day yards are also electrified and fenced with post and 3 rail PVC safety fencing. Each yard is 12m x 10m with a deep cover of river sand.

We do not provide agistment services as our paddocks are for the exclusive use of horses in training with Aquagait.