Unfortunately orthopaedic leg and muscular injuries are now a common occurrence in racing. With this in mind we have established a facility that is well equipped to care for horse on the road to recovery.

Our injury rehabilitation approach is 100% tailored to each horse and is always done in consultation with your vet or physiotherapist. We have a variety of options in how we can help a horse recover from injury through utilising our Water Walker, Horse Walker, Treadmill and Sand Yards. Generally it's a combination of all of the above which helps us to tailor the best program for your horse.

We are fully aware your ambition to get your horse back to the track burns hard, however we are a patient bunch and will provide continuous feedback on your horses progress which in turn helps you to manage your own expectations. We are also quite pragmatic, so if it does reach the point where we need to 'call time' on your horse because the risks outweigh the benefits or it's become obvious that full recovery is not achievable, we will always be honest with you.

Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to injury rehabilitation for horses, however we do commit to doing our very best to give your horse to best opportunity to return to racing.

At all times we monitor the physical and mental condition of your horse so that we can tweak the little things to make sure we achieve the best result possible.

If your horse requires a specialised injury rehab program simply call Scott on 0402 740 854.