We think deeply at Aquagait about 'how might we' help our clients to maximise the investment they have made in their racing stock. We hold the view that sending your horse to spell feeling sore, tired and unhappy will not yield the best outcome. Post preparation recovery is a short program which aids in helping your horse to recover from its racing preparation as efficiently as possible.

Our approach is to provide a light and low impact exercise regime with a real focus on muscle and joint recovery through hydrotherapy in our Water Walker. We combine this with some rest and relaxation in our sand and grass day yards as well as plenty of walking.

With time between carnivals getting shorter, we aim to have your horse ready to hit the spelling paddock within 10-14 days. How long you choose to rest your horse from here is totally up to you.

At all times we monitor the physical and mental condition of your horse so that we can tweak the little things to make sure we achieve the best result possible.

If you feel your horse could benefit from this service simply call Scott on 0402 740 854.