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Zatopaz Now in Full Training

Stable favourite and project horse, Zatopaz, is now back at Aquagait and in full pre training after a 6 week summer spell.

Zatopaz returned from Coromandel Agistment on February 19 in great order. He weighed in at 543kgs and is displaying a lover summer coat as you can see in the photo below.

Most importantly, his previously injured tendon was in great order and had taken no ill effects from time in the paddock.

Zatopaz will now commence a normal, but slightly extended, pre training regime at Aquagait. He has had two weeks on the water walker and is now ready to commence light trotting on the treadmill. He will have two months of combined treadmill and water walker exercise before commencing track gallops. We will take it week by week and if all goes to plan we hope to see him trialling in late May or early June.

We will keep you updated via our website news page and through our social channels.

Please keep your fingers crossed for him.


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