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We're certainly not the biggest and we would never be arrogant enough to claim to be the best. We are proud of what we do at Aquagait and we wanted to share with you an example of what we do.

Over the last 12 days we have had the great pleasure of pre-training ex rescue horse Cobi for his owner and good friend of Aquagait, Rhianna. Rhianna has been bringing her horses to Aquagait for casual visits since we opened in 2016. This, however was the first time she has sent us a horse to stay for an extended period.

Cobi arrived at Aquagait having not done too much work over the prior 3 months due to some recurring feet issues. Rhianna had subbed him in for a couple of events when her other horse had been unwell, outside of this it was pretty much paddock rest for Cobi. He arrived weighing 535kgs. (photo below)

Cobi on Arrival 13/08/18

Our program for Cobi was simple, regular exercise supported by quality nutrition. We started him off with some light water walker work. A typical day like this consists of 30 minutes on the walking machine pre and post exercise with 20 minutes on the water walker with the resistance jets turned off. Each afternoon Cobi would walk again for 30-45 minutes.

Once settled with this routine we increased his daily water walker workout to 30 minutes with the resistance jets on. This type of work gets a horses heart rate up over 120bpm for a prolonged period. To mix things up we gave him a couple of afternoon sessions under saddle on the track and a couple of incline walking sessions on the the treadmill.

Twelve days later Cobi's progression has been great. He left us today 10kgs lighter, looking and feeling great. Upon arrival back home Rhianna reported that he moved around his paddock with a freedom of movement she had never seen before. We love to get this feedback and it makes us feel very satisfied that even a short 12 day program can have such a positive impact.

Cobi 26/08/18

Whilst our core business is focused on racehorse pre-training and rehab, all horses are welcome at Aquagait. We give every horse in our care the same level of attention to detail with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome in the time given.

Best wishes Cobi, go well mate!

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