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Pre Training With Precision and Simplicity

Our primary service offering is racehorse pre-training. We are continually focused on how we improve and refine our pre-training program to provide our clients and their equine athlete with a winning experience.

To do this efficiently we must have good systems and procedures, which we do, however we are flexible and adaptable to ensure each horse gets the right attention required to benefit from the program. We can also follow any specific directions given to us by the horses trainer.

So to give you some insight into what we do, below is a typical example of what pre-training can involve at Aquagait:

Body Weight:

Firstly, all horses are weighed every morning as soon as they leave their box and before any exercise. We monitor changes in weight to determine how a horse is progressing and from this when necessary make changes or alterations to exercise routines or their feeding diet.

Week 1:

20-30 minute daily session in water walker

30-45 minutes walking pre & post water walker workout

30-45 minutes walking every afternoon

First time horses will start out at 20mins with no resistance pumps. Most horses progress to 30mins with resistance pumps on within 3-4 days. Experienced horses start at 30mins straight away.

Weeks 2-4:

Trot/Canter on treadmill or under saddle every 2 or 3 days (workout intensity/load gradually increases over the period)

*Rushing in water walker 1-2 times a week

30 minute session in water walker on non treadmill/riding or rushing days

30-45 minutes walking pre & post morning workout

30-45 minutes walking every afternoon

*Rushing in the water walker involves a 5-15-5 or a 5-20-5 program. 5 minutes pre and post in the water at normal speed to warm up / warm down followed by 15 or 20 minutes in between at high speed which gets the horses heart rate exceeding 150bpm and is great cardiovascular workout.

Horses with good residual fitness normally only need up to 4 weeks pre-training before going into full training.

Weeks 5-6 (if required):

Cantering / half pace work every 2nd day on treadmill or under saddle

Rushing in water walker twice a week

30 min water walker workout on all other days

30-45 minutes walking pre & post morning workout

30-45 minutes walking every afternoon

At all times we concentrate on keeping horses relaxed and displaying a good temperament. It is our aim to send all horses into full training in good mental condition and we often get great feedback from trainers and clients on the positive impact we have on a horses temperament.

After 4-5 weeks on this program most horses are ready to commence 3/4 pace work under saddle. With the right balance of water walker conditioning your horse enters full training with excellent core muscle strength and good general improvement in condition and definition across their whole body, additional to the cardiovascular progress that has been made.

We hope to see you soon!


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