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New Laser Therapy Lights Up Aquagait

We are constantly researching new and modern techniques to condition and care for race and performance horses. Over the past 12 months we have been researching and learning about high intensity laser therapy. Convinced of the benefits, we recently took the big step of purchasing a K-Laser performance machine (not cheap!!) to further expand the services offered to our clients. Widely considered the best available, the K-Laser machine is the most powerful class IV laser on the market. Class IV lasers penetrate deeper into tissue cells making them one of the best tools available for pain relief and soft tissue injury repair. Lasers have many applications, however they are most commonly used in the cumulative treatment of tendon & ligament injuries through a process called photobiomodulation. In laymens terms this is when the electromagnetic energy created by the laser light triggers a chemical reaction in cells of the tendon or ligament causing it to repair faster and stronger. We should also point out that laser treatment is not just an effective tool in helping injured horses recover. It is a terrific pain relief tools for horses with chronic pain or arthritic conditions and it can be used proactively to help horses recover from general muscle soreness. Laser therapy is cumulative meaning that each treatment is complimentary to each other and that over a series of multiple treatments you will achieve the best outcome. We have been providing this service for two months now and the response from our clients has been overwhelming and the results speak for themselves. Possibly the best example is leading NSW trotter Tough Monarch. Presented with general back soreness, Tough Monarch received two treatments to the affected area. At his following start he ran a career best time and won convincingly. With a further two treatments in between his next start he then came out and ran an Australian record time in winning his next start. He has since gone on to win 2 more races to bring up a picket fence four consecutive victories.

Additionally, we have a number of thoroughbred horses in our care which are responding favourably to treatment on medium to quite serious tendon injuries through the inclusion of laser therapy in their rehab program.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of modern conditioning tools to pre train and rehab racehorses. We are delighted by the response from adding laser therapy and if you are interested in learning more please check out our website which has plenty of information. Relative to other pain relief or injury repair applications, laser is a cost effective and non invasive treatment.

More information is available on our website.


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