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Staff Profile: Nikki Pagan

People are at the heart of every business. We are only a small team at Aquagait, yet we are proud of the fantastic team of people who represent us. Our staff profiles allow you to get to know the team who are caring for your horse.

In this edition we profile Nikki Pagan. Nikki is a key member of our team, conducting all Laser Therapy treatments and being very hands on in the rehab side of our business. Nikki has a lifetime of experience with horses which fortunately for us she now applies with passion at Aquagait.

How did you start out in the industry?

My dad used to train a few pacers and from there all I ever wanted to do was work with horses. I got my first job in Port Macquarie when I was 15 and moved to Sydney when I was 17.

Biggest Influence on your career?

My dad, because if it weren‘t for him I probably would have chosen another path.

What do you like most about working at Aquagait?

I get the opportunity to take ownership for specific things such as the Laser Therapy product that we offer. I also enjoy the variety of horses and people we get to work with. Working with the rehab horses is also a great challenge.

Favourite Racehorse?

Racing To Win. I got work very closely with this horse during my time working for John O’Shea.

Biggest Acheivement or Proudest Moment in Racing?

I also drive standardbreds from time to time and steering home a winner is always a great thrill, especially in the competitive metro Sydney racing environment.

Most Important Learning?

Don’t second guess yourself and if you gut tells its right or wrong go with as more often that not it’s the right option.

Sprinters or Stayers? And Why?

Sprinters. Because I like going fast!!

Favourite Stallion?

American Ideal (Standardbreds)

Charge Forward (Thoroughbred)

Favourite Race?

The Miracle Mile.

If you change one thing in the industry what would it be?

It’s hard one but I wish the perception of harness racing could be improved. Participants work equally as hard and the horses are simply amazing.


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