We take a modern approach to pre-training horses at Aquagait. With no tracks or track riders in sight, our pre-training method is focussed on building cardiovascular fitness without the impact and strain on the body associated with being ridden. At the same time we aim to improve the physical condition of your horse which means sometimes they will gain weight and other times they will lose weight but that all depends on how and what condition your horse is in when it arrives.

Our pre-training approach starts with our Water Walker. Typically a 20 minute session daily is the base level workout and everything builds up from there. Your horse will be walked for at least 30 minutes prior and then again 30 minutes post its workout to allow appropriate time to warm up and down.

Once your horse reaches the required level of fitness we then have the option of incorporating exercise on the treadmill into its routine. The use of a treadmill allows for appropriate concussion in conditioning your horse without the added strain and impact of being ridden. There is no typical formula here, we specialise the workout based on the horse and what condition or stage of fitness you would like to reach.

At all times we monitor the physical and mental condition of your horse so that we can tweak the little things to make sure we achieve the best result possible.

If you would like your horse to pre-train with us simply call Scott on 0402 740 854.