Our core business is thoroughbred pre-training. Equipped with a unique variety of modern conditioning tools, we are well setup to tailor the right program for any horse.

Typically horses will start out on our water walker, progress to treadmill exercise and finally some track work on our training track. Our aim is to develop cardiovascular fitness and body strength conditioning with minimal stress and impact on joints. This enables your horse to go into full training feeling strong, healthy and without vices.

Diet and nutrition is a key element of our program as well. We prefer to feed Hygain™ products, however we also can procure any type of feed and supplements available upon your request through our good friends at Condell Park Produce. Pre-training time frames can vary but for a typical program we recommend a minimum of 4 weeks to have your horse ready to return to full training.

Cross Training


More commonly referred to as a 'freshen up' cross training is about providing a different exercise routine and environment to mentally and/or physically stimulate your horse. Once again we take a modern and tailored approach to achieve this.

Our cross training method is not standardised, instead we tailor it to each horse depending on what you want to achieve and the time frame we have to work within. A great place to start is with our water walker which enables your horse to maintain a good level of cardiovascular fitness while at the same time soothing joints and muscles through effective hydrotherapy principles. Horses generally love being in water once they are familiar with it, so with the hydrotherapy comes plenty of mental stimulation.

We also have specialised equipment such as our high intensity therapeutic class IV laser machine. Laser therapy is now well known as effective pain relief tools for humans and animals, used all over the world. It has many other applications as well but for horses with orthopaedic wear & tear and general soreness, 3-4 treatments can yield fantastic results.

Nutrition is a key piece to everything we do and with our cross training programs we really focus on providing a diet that will have your horse in the desired condition when it returns to full training. We choose to use Hygain™ products however we can source any brand of feed you prefer and will follow strict diet instructions at your direction.​

Laser Therapy


Our K-Laser Performance Cube 2.0 machine is the most powerful and compact laser in the world, able to provide fast, precise pain relief to acute and chronic pain conditions, treat common lameness injuries such as tendons and ligaments as well as surgical wounds.

Laser therapy is the non-invasive use of laser energy to generate a photochemical response in damaged or dysfunctional tissue. Laser therapy can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic clinical conditions.


Injury Rehab


Unfortunately orthopaedic leg and muscular injuries are now a common occurrence in racing. With this in mind we have established a facility that is well equipped to care for horse on the road to recovery.

Our injury rehabilitation approach is 100% tailored to each horse and is always done in consultation with your vet or physiotherapist. We have a variety of options in how we can help a horse recover from injury through utilising our Water Walker, Horse Walker, Treadmill and Class IV Laser Therapy. Generally it's a combination of all of the above which helps us to tailor the best program for your horse.

We are fully aware your ambition to get your horse back to the track burns hard, however we are a patient bunch and will provide continuous feedback on your horses progress which in turn helps you to manage your own expectations. We are also quite pragmatic, so if it does reach the point where we need to 'call time' on your horse because the risks outweigh the benefits or it's become obvious that full recovery is not achievable, we will always be honest with you.

Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to injury rehabilitation for horses, however we do commit to doing our very best to give your horse to best opportunity to return to racing.


We think deeply about 'how might we' help our clients to maximise the investment they have made in their racing stock. We hold the view that sending your horse to the spelling paddock feeling stiff, sore, tired and unhappy will not yield the best outcome. Post preparation recovery is a short program which aids in helping your horse with some therapeutic recovery from its racing preparation, allowing it to head to the paddock in good health.

Our approach is to provide a light and low impact exercise regime with a real focus on muscle and joint recovery through hydrotherapy in our Water Walker and potentially through some targeted laser treatment if applicable. We combine this with some rest and relaxation in our sand and grass day yards as well as plenty of walking.

With time between carnivals getting shorter, we aim to have your horse ready to hit the spelling paddock within 10-14 days. How long you choose to rest your horse from here is totally up to you.​