5yo son of Zabeel, Zatopaz continues to progress through his long term rehabilitation from a moderate tendon injury suffered in March this year.

We purchased Zatopaz for a bargain price of $1600 with the intent of utilising our facilities to give him the best possible rehab program and opportunity to return to the race track to do what he was born to do. There are no guarantees he will make it, however we intend to give him every opportunity.

It has now ticked over 10 weeks since Zatopaz arrived at Aquagait. Pleasingly he settled into his new environment extremely well, licking out his feed with monotonous regularity!!

The rehab journey began with 4 weeks of light exercise on the water walker, 20-30mins each morning. This was complimented by 90-120 mins of controlled walking each day on our walking machine. During this period Zatopaz was confined to further box rest when not exercising or having a quick roll in the sand a couple of times a week. To control his weight a measured feed of Hygain All Rounder pallets with chaff and hay was served up twice a day.

Following this, weeks 5 to 8 were focussed on increasing the intensity of his daily water walker routine, maintaining 90-120mins of controlled walking daily and continuing to control his nutrition to manage his weight which has remained between 515-520kgs. 

Zatopaz enjoying a pick of grass at Aquagait Equine Centre

Commencing from week 9, we have now incorporated the treadmill into the rehab program for Zatopaz. Every second day Zatopaz will walk at 6kph on the treadmill starting at an incline of 3° increasing to 6° over the 30min workout duration. Walking at an incline helps to condition and stretch the tendons in his front legs without putting any significant pressure on them. Following his treadmill session he warms down on the water walker for 20mins. On non treadmill days he spends 30mins on the water walker. Controlled walking for 90-120mins remains an essential part of his daily routine.

At the end of week 12 we will scan the tendon to understand what damage still exists and refine his rehab plan going forward. At this stage we are delighted with his progress, the affected tendon looks in great order and Zatopaz has shown no signs of lameness at any point.

Stay tuned for our next update post his 12 week scan.